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Quickbooks® Certified ProAdvisors support training expertise - home page Natick MA Boston MA Metrowest MA Metro West MA
Quickbooks® Certified ProAdvisors support training expertise - home page Natick MA Boston MA Metrowest MA Metro West MA

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Frequently Asked Questions

At YQBG, we are adept at unraveling years of messy QuickBooks files, and putting them in order.  We create the format that will work specifically for your business – providing you with the information you need to succeed. We are experts when it comes to customizing Quick Books systems, organizing information, and applying sound and efficient accounting business practices. .

We make it our business to understand your business. We know that owning and running a business is demanding. And, we know that many small businesses fail not because of the service and products they provide, but because they don’t have a fully-functioning accounting system that provides timely and accurate financial data. At YourQBGuru, we empower business owners with knowledge; we give them the information they need to keep their finger on the pulse of the business. Click here to learn more about why use our services.

For every dollar you bring in, you need to know how many cents go out the door in overhead, payroll, benefits etc.  QuickBooks®, when customized properly for your business, will provide the information in the format you need to monitor your company’s costs. We will create the specific reports you need to see where the money is going every month- so you can react and adjust your business spending as it happens; not after you have experienced an entire year.  When you retain our bookkeeping staff on a regular basis, we produce every report you need – weekly, monthly, or daily.  We make it possible for you to manage by the numbers!

In the 20 years since Myrna Stacey started in the business, she has developed a reputation as an expert in designing bookkeeping and accounting systems for a wide variety of businesses – see our industry list on page. In selecting a consultant to customize your system, it is crucial to choose a professional who has in-depth knowledge and is adept at bookkeeping, accounting and QuickBooks. Myrna offers a unique combination of all three levels of expertise. We understand the higher level accounting principles that impact your bookkeeping system, and your business.

Despite the common misconception that QuickBooks is only meant for small businesses, QuickBooks® software users are defined by the volume and complexity of transactions, not by the size and revenue of the business. For example, you could be a QuickBooks® user with a twenty-million dollar company that only issues three to four invoices a month.  In our years of consulting, we have worked with many large companies that find the QB application is well-suited to their needs when customized appropriately.  We can help you determine if this is the case for your business, or if you need additional software, such as an inventory add-on, which we are equipped to integrate easily.

Every CPA firm has those stories of clients who come in with a disaster in a box.  The truth is, we know you want to focus on what you do best: tax planning, tax preparation, audits, certified financials, or whatever your area of expertise.  Doing the bookkeeping is not an effective use of your staff’s time and talents, and we know you welcome the opportunity to turn this work over to us.  At YourQBGuru, CPA firms are our best source of referral. We are known for delivering year-end financial packages with complete supporting documentation and explanation of material transactions- before you even need to ask.  We partner with you in serving our mutual clients.  100% of our clients have a CPA or tax preparer outside of our practice.

Often, owners are so busy servicing their customers, or bringing in new business, they don’t have time to stop and assess what is going well.  YQBG will design a system that will help you look at your products or services, attribute real costs involved, and get an analysis of profitability. Further, the system will be designed so that you can access reports on an ongoing basis that provide all the information you need to help you grow your profit centers, and fine-tune or eliminate unprofitable areas of the business.

It may seem daunting to need to comply with bank credit requirements, but we deal with these every day.  Simply put, the bank requires a few general reports to make sure they see your revenue, profit, and costs on a monthly or quarterly basis.  If you have a customized QuickBooks® bookkeeping system in place, we can design memorized reports for you to meet these requirements. Then your compliance is as easy as pressing a button to generate the reports. 

Yes.  Whether you have one on staff, or you use YQBGs bookkeeping team as your designated resource, a bookkeeper is vital. They are the "keeper of the books". The distinction is that once our consulting professionals have set up the customized system, the bookkeeper maintains it by entering the daily transactions.

A tax professional is a must: he or she analyzes data, prepares taxes, and monitors compliance issues-all of which are vital to overall business success.  The beauty of retaining our services is that we have CPAs on staff- and while we don’t do taxes, we do have a very thorough understanding of exactly what your tax preparer needs.  We deliver year-end financial packages with complete supporting documentation and include explanation of material transactions- before your tax preparer ever needs to ask. 

Absolutely. Before you can plan a budget for the future, you need to understand your company’s current operating expenses. What revenue can you expect? What’s your profit margin? A customized QuickBooks® system can accurately reflect these numbers, and provide you with the information you need to plan for the future with an accurate budget.

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